IRC Services for the ASF


ASFBot on the Freenode network offers many services for Apache projects on IRC. Generally, to enable these services, you will need to contact Infrastructure, either via a JIRA ticket or via #asfinfra on Freenode.

For a detailed explanation of the features offered below, please refer to the ASFBot manual.

Subversion, Git and JIRA reporting

ASFBot can report on new commits to your Subversion or Git repository - similar to the old CIA services - or report when a JIRA ticket was created, updated, closed etc. These reports can be tailored to your individual needs; multiline logs, compacted paragraphs, coloring, different report styles etc.

You can subscribe to any repository you like, and get reports on any specific changes you prefer, as long as these changes are publicly available.

Subscriptions are tag-based, meaning that any one tag will apply to f.x. both Subversion and git commits.

Jenkins integration

ASFBot provides integration with the Jenkins CI service at the ASF. This means successful builds as well as failures can be reported to any IRC channel on Freenode. For more information, see the ASFBot manual or ask in #asfinfra or via JIRA.

JIRA search

If set up, it's possible to search for JIRA tickets containing a specific keyword and display the links and descriptions in your channel. To find an issue, ,type: ASFBot: search [query] where query could be something like autocomplete broken.

Latest JIRA change

If your channel is set up for JIRA reporting, ASFBot will keep track of the latest changes to a JIRA ticket. To view, for instance, the last comment pertaining to an issue, simply type: ASFBot: latest [ticket] where ticket could be fx. INFRA-1234.

Adding comments to JIRA

You can add comments to JIRA tickets directly from IRC via ASFBot. To do so, simply type: ASFBot: comment [ticket id] [comment] where ticket could be f.x. INFRA-1234. This feature requires karma level 3 - if you don't have that, don't hesitate to ask for it.

Issue information fetching

ASFBot can assist people in finding the correct information or link regarding specific JIRA or Bugzilla issues. To use this feature, simply type f.x. "issue #52230" to get a link for the Bugzilla issue no. 52230 and a quick summary of the issue. Or you could type "COUCHDB-1234" to get a link to that specific JIRA ticket. Please note that issue summaries are only available for Bugzilla at the moment.

Secretary feature

ASFBot provides a simple secretary feature for all to use. To leave a message for an absent person, simply write: ASFBot: tell [recipient] [message], and that message will be passed on the next time that person logs onto the channel.

Record keeping for meetings

ASFBot can keep a record of meetings done on IRC and publish these in HTML format in the public archive as well as send them as email to a user or a mailing list.

Summaries generated by this feature contain:

  • A list of all members present at the meeting
  • An agenda and sub topics
  • Actions to be taken before the next meeting
  • Informations and links to web sites
  • Transcriptions of the discussions that took place

For a complete list of capabilities and how to use this feature, visit the ASFBot manual.
For an example of what a meeting summary may look like, check out this CouchDB meeting