Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting at Wed Apr 8 20:03:27 2015:

Attendees: udantha, jan____, kandinski, nishani, Kxepal

  1. Preface
  2. CouchDB 2.0 status
  3. CouchDB Logo vote
  4. GSoC
  5. other business

IRC log follows:


CouchDB 2.0 status

[Wed Apr 8 20:04:33 2015] <Kxepal>: so far about 2.0...
[Wed Apr 8 20:05:01 2015] <Kxepal>: on GitHub jan____ and micah are working on packaging issue:
[Wed Apr 8 20:05:48 2015] <Kxepal>: any feedback on this would extremely welcome as like as testing release generation on your operation systems
[Wed Apr 8 20:06:07 2015] <udantha>: Hi All,I'm Udantha. I'm a MSc student who was former senior engineer in WSO2 (Open source company). I am following [COUCHDB-2605] Visualize the CouchDB Cluster for GSOC 2015.
[Wed Apr 8 20:06:57 2015] <jan____>: heya
[Wed Apr 8 20:07:27 2015] <Kxepal>: I changed dev/run script to setup developers cluster with using brand new /_cluster_setup feature. It may cause some issues, but everyone welcome to test it and help us to make cluster setup better (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:07:44 2015] <Kxepal>: iirc robertkowalski is working now on Fauxton interface for it
[Wed Apr 8 20:08:59 2015] <Kxepal>: meanwhile Fauxton turns more and more pages to use react.js what is actually awesome
[Wed Apr 8 20:09:45 2015] <Kxepal>: the lastest documentation on RTD is now points to 2.0 and will suffer great changes in near future
[Wed Apr 8 20:10:05 2015] <Kxepal>: if you have any references to it, beware! thought I'll try to not break too much stuff.
[Wed Apr 8 20:10:45 2015] <udantha>: I like know about dev/run as it was adding 3 node to cluster, but 'localhost:25984/_membership' call (CouchDB 2.0) It haven't joined my cluster up.
[Wed Apr 8 20:12:09 2015] <Kxepal>: udantha: hm..I didn't check this case. worth to investigate into to find a problem.
[Wed Apr 8 20:12:24 2015] <Kxepal>: but technically _it setups_ a cluster (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:13:05 2015] <udantha>: Kxepal: thanks.
[Wed Apr 8 20:13:23 2015] <Kxepal>: also want to remind about list of missing steps and blockers - any help with is always extremely welcome!
[Wed Apr 8 20:13:51 2015] <Kxepal>: that's probably all what I have about 2.0 changes since the last week
[Wed Apr 8 20:14:12 2015] <nishani>: Hi, I'm a Student of University of Moratuwa. Currently I'm following the GSoC Project CouchDB-2214 which will be much similar to the Helix Dashboard I created for GSoC 2014.
[Wed Apr 8 20:14:17 2015] <jan____>: +1
[Wed Apr 8 20:15:42 2015] <Kxepal>: nishani: hi and welcome. we'll have a topic about gsoc for you and udantha (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:16:00 2015] <Kxepal>: ok, moving on?

CouchDB Logo vote

[Wed Apr 8 20:17:20 2015] <nishani>: Since I did Helix with AngularJS I'm currently following React.js tutorials because I'm quite new to it. (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:17:20 2015] <Kxepal>: tl;dr the vote has started!
[Wed Apr 8 20:18:59 2015] <nishani>: kxpal: thanks


[Wed Apr 8 20:19:48 2015] <udantha>: regard to the Topic of "CouchDB 2.0 documentation " I ilke to know where can I find CouchDB 2.0 HTTP API regards to clustering features (source code level even fine) ? As there only few I have started few blog post in CouchDB 2.0 (Developer Preview) HTTP APIs in my blog ( I also can contribute for API (couchDB 2.0 - cluster features) documents
[Wed Apr 8 20:19:58 2015] <Kxepal>: nishani, udantha you're on the floor (: just one by one
[Wed Apr 8 20:20:34 2015] <Kxepal>: udantha: API you mean documentation or implementation?
[Wed Apr 8 20:20:54 2015] <Kxepal>: first TBD on the week, second is perfectly documented with erlang
[Wed Apr 8 20:21:01 2015] <udantha>: :)
[Wed Apr 8 20:21:38 2015] <udantha>: both (documentation and implementation)
[Wed Apr 8 20:22:30 2015] <Kxepal>: udantha: =>
[Wed Apr 8 20:25:20 2015] <Kxepal>: ok, moving on?
[Wed Apr 8 20:25:47 2015] <nishani>: I went through HTTP API on CouchDB 2.0 and it seems fine to me. Since I'm more familiar with AngularJS I followed React.js tutorials and Flux application architecture
[Wed Apr 8 20:25:50 2015] <udantha>: regard to mail subject "Missing steps for 2.0"
[Wed Apr 8 20:25:59 2015] <udantha>: I can contribute on visualize the cluster Fauxton: visualize the cluster: show for database on which nodes the data is stored - warn if disk space runs out
[Wed Apr 8 20:26:37 2015] <Kxepal>: udantha: I fear you wouldn't be able to make such report
[Wed Apr 8 20:26:50 2015] <Kxepal>: unless we expose disksup warnings via API
[Wed Apr 8 20:28:21 2015] <udantha>: Kxepal: ok :) i will be extending API for OS matrics.
[Wed Apr 8 20:28:36 2015] <Kxepal>: also, such feature may not work "stable" for cluster behind some proxy
[Wed Apr 8 20:29:03 2015] <udantha>: with you all support.
[Wed Apr 8 20:29:07 2015] <Kxepal>: unless you'll do aggregation over all the nodes in cluster

other business

[Wed Apr 8 20:30:41 2015] <Kxepal>: ok, is there everything else for today? anyone?
[Wed Apr 8 20:31:23 2015] <kandinski>: I'm glad I can be here now that I'm in Europe. How can I read about how these meetingsa re conducted?
[Wed Apr 8 20:32:31 2015] <jan____>: kandinski: attend it once and you see :)
[Wed Apr 8 20:32:38 2015] <jan____>: kandinski: we announce them on dev@
[Wed Apr 8 20:32:42 2015] <kandinski>: well, I just did :)
[Wed Apr 8 20:32:46 2015] <udantha>: What you mean is that we can't show single node info but overall cluster OS matrices?
[Wed Apr 8 20:32:56 2015] <Kxepal>: kandinski: that's great that you become more closer to us (: technically, every wednesday with exceptions when nobody is able to run them
[Wed Apr 8 20:32:56 2015] <jan____>: Kxepal: got nothing, you covered everything ongoing.
[Wed Apr 8 20:33:09 2015] <Kxepal>: jan____: heh, sorry for being greedy (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:33:10 2015] <kandinski>: topics managed manually, as I see.
[Wed Apr 8 20:33:21 2015] <jan____>: Kxepal: no please! :)
[Wed Apr 8 20:33:30 2015] <kandinski>: Kxepal: thanks for running the meeting. Yeah, I hope to attend more often.
[Wed Apr 8 20:33:46 2015] <Kxepal>: kandinski: great! (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:34:07 2015] <kandinski>: For instance, the question I asked of Kxepal in -dev an hour ago, would it have been more proper to wait till the meeting?
[Wed Apr 8 20:34:34 2015] <kandinski>: it was a question about coordination around JIRA issues, possibly only of interest to us.
[Wed Apr 8 20:34:58 2015] <Kxepal>: kandinski: on the meetings we almost tries to report about the things, while discussion leave for #couchdb-dev , ML, JIRA, PR whatever
[Wed Apr 8 20:35:10 2015] <kandinski>: I see. Thanks.
[Wed Apr 8 20:35:29 2015] <Kxepal>: however, sometimes good questions comes during the meeting (:
[Wed Apr 8 20:35:46 2015] <Kxepal>: ok, that's all for today then I think
[Wed Apr 8 20:35:50 2015] <Kxepal>: ASFBot: meeting end

Meeting ended at Wed Apr 8 20:35:50 2015