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Mon Jul 24 20:26:35 2017  Michael-O:tibor_, just read you mails and INFRA's answer.
Mon Jul 24 20:27:34 2017  Michael-O:You have, unfortunately, peform a second, fixing commit for the issue.
Mon Jul 24 20:37:35 2017  tibor_:Today I tested the ranch with JDK9 latest rev 187. Our Jenkins has older revision. I left System.out.println so I deleted. I cheked several surefire reports, and I tested killing Maven on real project and checked the dump files.
Mon Jul 24 20:49:07 2017  Michael-O:What was the outcome?
Mon Jul 24 21:13:31 2017  tibor_:Michael-O: What outcome you mean?
Mon Jul 24 21:13:51 2017  Michael-O:From your testing
Mon Jul 24 21:13:55 2017  Michael-O:Was it positive?
Mon Jul 24 21:26:07 2017  tibor_:Yes. As the outcome from testing wiyh jdk9 I had to change reflection because Java9 prohibits accessing internal impl of ProcessHandle = ProcessHandleImpl. So I create Method object from the interface as it is correctto do. So I set test.jre to JDK9 for surefire-api, -common, -booter and unit test passed.