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Sat Oct 28 03:22:54 2017  mbenson:Joined the channel
Sat Oct 28 03:25:11 2017  mbenson_:Joined the channel
Sat Oct 28 08:21:57 2017  rfscholte:Joined the channel
Sat Oct 28 09:06:39 2017  stephenc:hboutemy: did you get a chance to watch them? #4 will be one you’ll want to watch (haven’t recorded it yet) as I cover how to standardise builds across repos
Sat Oct 28 09:14:58 2017  hboutemy:stephenc: not yet
Sat Oct 28 09:15:07 2017  hboutemy:busy with family
Sat Oct 28 09:15:20 2017  hboutemy:I'll have more time on tuesday and next days
Sat Oct 28 09:16:06 2017  stephenc:No worries. Hopefully I’ll have #4 recorded by then
Sat Oct 28 09:16:13 2017  hboutemy:great
Sat Oct 28 09:16:20 2017  stephenc:Remains to be seen when my paymasters start releasing the series ;-)
Sat Oct 28 09:16:35 2017  hboutemy::)
Sat Oct 28 09:16:47 2017  stephenc:Good work on tidying up JIRA btw
Sat Oct 28 09:17:06 2017  stephenc:S/JIRA/confluence
Sat Oct 28 09:29:41 2017  rfscholte:stephenc: I'd like to do some maintenance on plugins first before diving into the classloaders again. Let's say half november trying to pick it up again? (after Devoxx BE)
Sat Oct 28 09:56:13 2017  hboutemy:thank you: it took us with Arnaud the whole morning, and I'm finishing now
Sat Oct 28 09:56:32 2017  hboutemy:I hope it will ease cooperation
Sat Oct 28 14:23:44 2017  stephenc:rfscholte: that sounds like a plan
Sat Oct 28 14:23:45 2017  stephenc:rfscholte: I have some Jenkins improvements that I want to make that will help us manage the git sprawl better
Sat Oct 28 14:23:51 2017  stephenc:So While I get those done, feel free to drive a plugin maintenance effort
Sat Oct 28 14:25:21 2017  stephenc:If we have bug-fixes in core, no matter how small, I’ll plan to cut 3.5.3 in about 6 weeks
Sat Oct 28 14:25:36 2017  stephenc:What I really want to do is automate the release process, so that on my own personal Jenkins (to which I trust my gpg key) I can just push a button for each stage in the process
Sat Oct 28 14:26:20 2017  stephenc:If I get that right, next step would be to document that setup so that others can replicate and releases become “turn key”
Sat Oct 28 14:27:08 2017  stephenc:Our release process is too manual right now for us to make releasing “boring”
Sat Oct 28 14:29:07 2017  stephenc:But obviously we have ASF constraints on the process, ie we still need the vote!
Sat Oct 28 14:38:42 2017  mbenson_:Joined the channel
Sat Oct 28 14:58:39 2017  rfscholte:stephenc: your goal was to automate half of the steps, right? did you achieve even 1?
Sat Oct 28 14:59:11 2017  stephenc:rfscholte: I haven't started the automation goal for releasing
Sat Oct 28 14:59:19 2017  stephenc:but I have simplified some steps
Sat Oct 28 15:00:24 2017  stephenc:http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/maven/commit/69c512a8 and http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/maven-integration-testing/commit/d30156c1 have made it possible for me to easily publish the sites
Sat Oct 28 15:00:47 2017  stephenc:previously I had to play dancing games with various password managers
Sat Oct 28 15:01:32 2017  stephenc:I'll need to set up a local Jenkins so that it has my GPG if I want to automate more
Sat Oct 28 15:01:59 2017  stephenc:but before that there are other improvements on just the CI front that we need
Sat Oct 28 15:02:16 2017  rfscholte:sournds like we want to use docker to do the release
Sat Oct 28 15:02:35 2017  stephenc:I'm not advocating that yet
Sat Oct 28 15:02:48 2017  rfscholte:I understand. small steps
Sat Oct 28 15:03:06 2017  stephenc:I intend a Jenkinsfile that does the heavy lifting
Sat Oct 28 15:05:18 2017  stephenc:all those svn cp/mv commands etc
Sat Oct 28 15:06:11 2017  stephenc:then i can see about automation for the email and site changes, etc (I'd still want a human to validate though)
Sat Oct 28 15:07:20 2017  rfscholte:I still have this wish to add something like release:complete for these kind of things. Something pluggable so anybody can add their own tasks
Sat Oct 28 15:08:10 2017  stephenc:yes, that would be great... as well as a multi-root release process
Sat Oct 28 15:08:39 2017  rfscholte:yes
Sat Oct 28 15:08:41 2017  stephenc:so that cross-release-root dependencies get updated
Sat Oct 28 15:09:19 2017  stephenc:ideally that would be hookable up to the scm plugin
Sat Oct 28 15:09:32 2017  stephenc:that way we can determine release roots that have any changes since the laste release
Sat Oct 28 15:09:36 2017  stephenc:and only start from them
Sat Oct 28 15:09:46 2017  stephenc:I have a ruby script that does the above
Sat Oct 28 15:10:02 2017  stephenc:but it has to resort to parsing the pom and reconstructing the dependency tree
Sat Oct 28 15:10:21 2017  stephenc:much rather if the release plugin could handle that itself
Sat Oct 28 15:10:38 2017  stephenc:we have all the parts... just need to write it up
Sat Oct 28 15:10:46 2017  rfscholte::) right
Sat Oct 28 15:11:14 2017  stephenc:though a bigger ask from people is an actual CD friendly release process
Sat Oct 28 15:11:45 2017  stephenc:one thing I can think is if we could use system properties to avoid committing to master
Sat Oct 28 15:12:01 2017  stephenc:no reason why we cannot do
Sat Oct 28 15:12:21 2017  mbenson__:Joined the channel
Sat Oct 28 15:13:11 2017  stephenc:git checkout -b temp && git reset --hard master && set-version && git commit -m "Release 1.0.45" && git tag foo-1.0.45 && git checkout master && git branch -d temp
Sat Oct 28 15:13:45 2017  stephenc:IOW you have the tag of the release commit "off" master but not in master's history
Sat Oct 28 15:14:16 2017  stephenc:you keep the current "version" somewhere else, and the pom version would be something like 1.0.x-SNAPSHOT the whole time
Sat Oct 28 15:14:54 2017  stephenc:that gets you tagged reproducible releases and no diffs on master to worry about
Sat Oct 28 15:16:37 2017  rfscholte:I'm experimenting with https://github.com/rfscholte/maven-xml
Sat Oct 28 15:16:40 2017  stephenc:ohhhh and you could use a lightweight tag for the previous release and just parse the pom there
Sat Oct 28 15:17:06 2017  rfscholte:that would mean no versions anymore for reactor parents/dependencies
Sat Oct 28 15:19:34 2017  stephenc:thing is, i think versions are a good thing
Sat Oct 28 15:19:50 2017  stephenc:but i want to use ranges during dev and pin for release
Sat Oct 28 15:20:26 2017  stephenc:though that really needs the PDT style solution
Sat Oct 28 15:20:37 2017  stephenc:anyway, stuff to do... catch you some other time on IRC
Sat Oct 28 15:20:44 2017  rfscholte:sure